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In the year of the Tiger in the Cycle of Fire (1098), General Mako and a number of like-minded individuals were outlawed from the Imperial lands, for treasonous notions of opposing the Emperor Sado Yama I and his new Consort, now known widely as the Blood Queen.

Retreating to the "Continental lands", travelling on ships, bribing sea captains where necessary, making contacts, friends and enemies, the group made their way to these lands. The small group survived in the bush lands, forests and mountains of the bountiful land, living on game that the rangers bought us, drinking from the springs and wells. Here we lived in seclusion until the time when the Imperial forces made their way to this land themselves. However, they travelled here for the sole purpose of conquering and destroying, rather than fleeing the hand of the Emperor. When the Continental factions began to fight back in the year of the Horse against the invading forces, General Mako, Captain Tam and a few others met with members of the Jhereg faction and the Nomads to discuss joining with them to fight the threat.

We are the Draken, now free from Imperial rule. After the destruction of our homeland, Nangoku Island, we are beginning to settle in several different areas across the continent. These are our lands.

Coming from the Imperial Eastern lands, our outlook on life is sometimes quite different to that seen in everyday life on the Continent. The Imperial Tribes worship a number of Gods. Balance is probably the MOST important aspect of our daily life, the balance must always be maintained, no matter what.

We live our lives according to the Creed and honorably follow the teachings of our Godess, Rilia. Etiquette and social behaviour feature strongly in our daily lives, with many formalities and traditions. With the support of the Kobold's fine logistical prowess and several from the other tribes of Greenskins, as the continentals put it, our number grows daily, as many refugees from the homelands join us. Our current members are numerous, and so far the list of the dead is small, most lost in the struggle against our once-home. Their bodies have returned to the Earth from whence they came, to restore the balance and their souls have gone to join Rilia. The small number that jointly pay homage to the God Kritt will be spending their time fighting in the afterlife.

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